Ander Herrera: “Nobody at Manchester United thought we’d win in Paris.”

Speaking in an interview with Canal +, PSG central midfielder Ander Herrera discussed his playing time so far and last season’s Champions’ League clash between his old and new sides.

On Manchester United’s victory at the Parc des Princes last year:

Nobody amongst the Manchester United players thought we’d win in Paris. In football you have to be concentrated even for 2 minutes otherwise you pay for it. This defeat was not normal for PSG.

On his desire to join PSG:

I cannot lie to you, I do not like football players who say that they wanted to play for PSG since they were three years old. Contrastingly, this shirt is special, this city is special, these colours are special. I like Paris and I am happy to play here.

On Neymar’s turbulent summer:

The English media presented Neymar’s situation like it was hell. He is not happy, he does not speak to French players. And I arrived here and I saw a happy player, who was laughing with everyone including the French players. I wondered to myself what the media was on about. He is very happy on a day-to-day basis. He is a player who could win the Ballon D’Or, I would go 5km for him if you have to. I would run everywhere for him.

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On his weak amount of playing time so far:

I believe in Karma, I believe that everything you give, you get back. So if I play in the starting XI, I give everything, if I play 10 minutes I give everything, if I play 5 minutes I give everything and if I play 2 minutes I give everything. And in any position.