Cesc Fabregas on Ligue 1: “I will never abandon my football values, I’ve never smacked balls long.”

Speaking in an interview with Canal Football Club which aired last night, Spanish central midfielder Cesc Fabregas spoke about how his style of play is contending with Ligue 1 life.

“Here, a lot of the games are bing bong bing bong. But sometimes you need to calm things down, make 10 passes in a row. I feel like here that people don’t like it when you start to make two or three passes. I have always liked to take risks on the pitch. Here, people don’t like that. They tell me: “Don’t take any risks, pass to the sides!” For me that is difficult because I like to make passes through the lines, play in midfield, one-twos, change direction. I will never abandon my values, to send a long ball or something like that. Sometimes people say: “Yes, to kick it out.” I say sorry I will never do that. I know what I am capable of in football. People can reproach me for not being physical enough, like I was when I was 25, that is for sure. I am aware that I started at a very young age, at 32 I have played 800 matches, which is crazy.”

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