Paris court abdicates responsibility to rule on Amiens, Toulouse & Lyon legal cases against LFP; referred to national court

Paris’ administrative court this afternoon declared itself incapable of ruling on legal cases brought by French football clubs Amiens, Toulouse and Lyon against the LFP for its decision to terminate the 2019/20 campaign despite there having been 10 matchdays left to play.

The reason for this was that the Paris court did not feel it had jurisdiction to make pronouncements on national issues.

All three clubs’ cases have been referred to the national court. The LFP was somewhat embarrassingly trying to claim a legal victory in a press release this evening:

“We noted with satisfaction the rejection of the actions brought by Olympique Lyonnais, Amiens SC and Toulouse FC before the judge of the Paris administrative court. The latter logically determined, through three orders made this Friday afternoon, that the decisions of general scope taken by the League’s Board of Directors on April 30 could only be challenged before the national court, which is competent to hear acts of a regulatory nature taken by authorities with national jurisdiction such as the LFP. “

Lyon chimed back: 

“We are surprised that the LFP is delighted as of this (Friday) evening about the position of the Paris Administrative Court, despite that it did not in any case rule on the merits of our request.”

All three clubs are expected to file their cases with the national court on Monday.

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