Unsanctioned Street Fight Set for Next Week’s Impact Wrestling; Eddie Edwards Promises to ‘Murder’ Sami Callihan

Next week’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling will feature quite possibly the bloodiest, most brutal entry in the saga between Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan. The two will apparently be headed “to the woods” where they will compete in an Unsanctioned Street Fight with no rules, no ring, and no disqualifications.

At tonight’s IMPACT Under Pressure television special, Eddie promised his wife Alisha Edwards that he would “murder” Callihan and put an end to their blood feud, once and for all. It’s not too often that you hear the “M” word being thrown around on national television, but given the intensity and truly uncomfortable nature of this rivalry, and the brutality of the OVE faction in general, that’s not especially surprising.

Check out full results from this week’s IMPACT Under Pressure special at this link.

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No rules, no refs, no ring.

Just two men in an unsanctioned fight.

NEXT WEEK – we end this for good. #UnderPressure pic.twitter.com/9gxNmCPfTu