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WWE SmackDown video highlights: Reigns denies Cena’s challenge
NJPW Summer Struggle in Nagoya results: Tanahashi vs. KENTA
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Roman Reigns accepts challenge from Finn Balor on WWE SmackDown
WWE announces New Year’s Day PPV for 2022
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Britt Baker breaks right wrist during AEW Fyter Fest title defense

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WOR: Interview with AEW’s Kenny Omega
Speak Now: Finn Balor challenges Roman, SmackDown recap

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Dave Meltzer on the new reports regarding Daniel Bryan and CM Punk possibly heading to AEW, Money in the Bank 2021 review, and more.

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John Cena worked a dark match after last night’s SmackDown in Cleveland, teaming with Rey & Dominik Mysterio to defeat Roman Reigns & The Usos. It was the first time Cena has wrestled since his Firefly Fun House match against “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 36.
Edge reflected on returning to Cleveland for last night’s SmackDown. He posted a picture on Instagram of the hallway where he, Christian, and The Hardy Boyz put together their No Mercy 1999 ladder match:

I know what you’re saying. Why did you post a picture of a hallway? This hallway was instrumental to E&C and The Hardy Boyz taking flight. Some backstory, so bear with me.

No Mercy 99, Gund Arena in Cleveland. I was living in the Bahamas(don’t ask), and got stuck in Miami the night before the ppv because of a hurricane. I woke up and realized I needed to drive through the hurricane, get to Tampa where I could make a flight to Cleveland that landed at 3, and got me to the arena at 4. Our match was at 7:30. When I got to the arena, I raced in a sweaty, stressed mess and found Jay, Matt and Jeff huddled in this hallway. I joined, we put our demented minds together and the tag team ladder match was born. Which propelled us to where we all are now, still going strong 22 years later. After that match we all came back to this hallway and had a beer. Which we all hate but seemed fitting. So yeah, this hallway is special to me, as silly as it sounds, and I got to spend some time there again yesterday and reflect. If I didn’t make that flight who knows how different my career might have been. What a ride.

Sami Zayn tweeted about his match against Finn Balor on last night’s SmackDown: “Still buzzing from my match last night with Finn in front of 12,000 fans in Cleveland. While the result can (and will) be contested, it’s been a long time since I got to feel the distinct high that comes using & pushing your body to really play with a crowd. I love that feeling.”
WWE uploaded a behind-the-scenes video from Balor’s return to SmackDown last week.
Pat McAfee spoke to the Cleveland crowd for a “McAfee Minute” last night.
Forbes has an interview with Bianca Belair. Ahead of wrestling at Rolling Loud music festival last night, Belair said: “It’s going to feel like home to me because that’s my environment, that’s what I’m all about. One of my main goals, even when I first arrived in NXT/WWE, was to bring as many eyes to the product as possible and bring more eyes in the urban market, the hip-hop market. I want to bring more eyes to the product, and that’s what we’re going to get to do at Rolling Loud. I go out there with my baby hairs, and my bamboo earrings. I love to bop around so I hope I’m received well because I’m gonna feel like I’m at home. I hope they receive me like I’m coming to the cookout and they’re giving me the invite to come in.”
Big E told Bleacher Report that he considers his Money in the Bank win as a collective accomplishment for The New Day: “That may have been one of the greatest nights of my career. I almost don’t want to say it because I have so much reverence for Kofi and Woods and what we’ve done together. I almost feel like saying that diminishes that, but to me, but it’s still a New Day accomplishment because I don’t think I would’ve gotten here without those guys and how much I was able to grow as a performer because of that run. Even though we’re on different shows, I still feel like the caveman that’s gone out and grabbed fresh meat and berries and brought it back to the cave so that my family can eat. That’s still my perspective. I don’t just do this for me. Everything I do adds to our legacy as a trio.”
Big E was the guest on this week’s episode of WWE’s After the Bell podcast.
Ronda Rousey wrote an Instagram post about her pregnancy.
Baron Corbin further explained his storyline financial situation in a promo on Talking Smack.
WWE’s YouTube channel uploaded Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe from Backlash 2018, Sasha Banks & Bayley vs. Charlotte & Dana Brooke from Battleground 2016, and Cena, Mysterio & Eddie Guerrero vs. JBL & The Bashams from the March 17, 2005 episode of SmackDown.
Other Wrestling
In a YouTube clip from his appearance on Wrestling Observer Radio, Kenny Omega discussed the possibility of wrestling Daniel Bryan and CM Punk if they were to come to AEW.
After defeating KENTA at Summer Struggle in Nagoya today, Hiroshi Tanahashi cut a promo saying that he’s ready if NJPW needs him to replace Kota Ibushi in the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship main event against Shingo Takagi at Wrestle Grand Slam in Tokyo Dome tomorrow. NJPW’s English-language website wrote about Ibushi’s status: “As of publication, Kota Ibushi is still scheduled to face Shingo Takagi in the main event of Wrestle Grand Slam for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship. An update about Ibushi and the main event will be made soon.” Ibushi has been out of action due to aspiration pneumonia.
During an appearance on Sean “X-Pac” Waltman’s Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast, W. Morrissey (formerly known as Big Cass) discussed making amends with Joey Janela for their past issues: “I spoke to Joey the weekend of WrestleMania. At GCW, I did a show. I spoke with Joey, and we’re really cool, man. We buried the hatchet. That was one that I really, genuinely needed to apologize to the guy in person. I like to do things face to face. I really was looking forward to going to the show. I didn’t even know if he was going to be there. I know he’s associated. I was hoping he was going to be there. I happened to walk in, we started talking right away, and I was super happy about that. He’s cool as can be, and I appreciate him being super understanding.”
Janela responded to Morrissey: “I saw that Cass talked about our convo, he’s really awesome! I’m happy to see him doing so well, tried to get him in the fold at GCW this summer but he’s become a busy guy! Hope I can make something happen sometime because that 7 foot dude slamming guys through doors would rule!”
Alex Shelley vs. Tom Lawlor for Shelley’s Black Label Pro Midwest Championship is set for 3 Cups Stuffed, which is taking place at the Grand Sports Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois on Friday, September 3. The show is being co-presented by Game Changer Wrestling and Black Label Pro.
Jordynne Grace celebrated her performance at today’s World National Powerlifting Federation championships: “Made weight. Broke all three state AND national records for all three lifts. 1st place AND best overall lifter. Thank you so much for all the support. I love you all so much. This is just the beginning.”
Inside the Ropes has announced three “An Evening With Paul Wight” interview shows for this October. The first show will be held in London on Sunday, October 17. There will then be a show in Manchester on Monday, October 18 and Glasgow on Tuesday, October 19.
Malakai Black appeared on the latest episode of the Wrestling Perspective Podcast.
Peter Avalon was the guest on AEW Unrestricted this week.
Jacob Miranda of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada was arrested by Hamilton police in connection with a pro wrestling memorabilia scam.

Daily Pro Wrestling History: Sherri Martel wins WWF Women’s title


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