It's Superclásico week?

The power players in Mexican futbol have been dragging through and flinging so much mud over the past few weeks, it's nice to take a respite from all of the BS. And just in time.

The Superclásico is on Sunday (Univision, 6 pm ET). But it might as well be played in Mars, not the Azteca. Or worse: the Omnilife.

Is it the fact that the National Team's melodrama has taken so much energy to digest?

There is hype, but it is the mild, woolite variety (you know, for your delicates). It might as well be Chipas-San Luis. This game normally commands special graphics, bold type, and Michael Booker.

Jorge Vergara, who absented himself from the FMF meetings earlier in the week, is trying to spice up the pozole by trying to bet his America counterparts on the outcome of the game. To no avail. America didn't want any part of no bet.

Even hate levels are down this time. I have even heard that players might even trade shirts when it's all over.

Maybe it's because neither team is particularly playing very well.

Both squads are still alive on paper for a post-season trip, but the reality is neither team is a lock to win anything. So it makes this game that much more important. America has yet to lose at home, but Chivas has proven to be very comfortable at the Azteca. They beat America last year, 1-0.

Goals, though, have been very hard to generate for Chivas since they shipped their goal-scorer to Old Trafford. It took them 12 weeks to match Javier Hernandez' output from the last season.

America has no shortage of goal scorers, but they just quite haven't put it all together yet under Manuel Lapuente. Most of the Americanismo thinks its just a matter of time. And why not let it be this week that they finally hit on all cylinders.

Or not. Smells like roscas to me.