Kubica fears reduced Friday sessions will limit F1 outings

Robert Kubica fears that changes to F1’s practice format on Fridays will reduce his chances of enjoying a few FP1 outings with Alfa Romeo this year.

The Polish driver, who took part in several practice sessions with Alfa in 2020, has retained his reserve and testing role with the Swiss outfit for this season.

However, with Friday sessions now reduced from 90 to 60 minutes, track time will be important for a team’s full-time drivers and will likely limit a reserve driver’s opportunity to run on the opening day of race weekends.

“Well of course with changing the format of the weekend this is making it a bit more complicated and I think we will have to sit down and decide,” admitted Kubica, speaking at Alfa Romeo’s 2021 team presentation in Warsaw on Monday.

“It’s not an easy call. On one side I have been a race driver and I know how important it is to be in the car, as a race driver, so I’m not that keen to take FP1s from our race drivers.

“But I will of course never say no if I get the chance!”

Kubica, who will dovetail his Alfa commitments this year with a full season of racing in the European Le Mans Series, admits that his priorities are slowly changing as his advances in his motorsport career, although his passion remains intact.

“I’m able to race, so I can mix two things – driving an F1 car and racing,” he said.

“Watching the others racing, F1 especially, is something which all drivers are dreaming of. I had a chance to race of course in the past so I’m not that young anymore!

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“Also my priorities are a bit different, but the passion and the wish of racing, being there on Sunday, is quite high.

“But the reality is I know my place in the team, my position, my role and I try and do the best in my job.”

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