Stein to ask donors how to spend unused recount funds

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein plans to ask donors to which organizations she should donate any money that may be left over from her campaign’s recount efforts.

Stein raised more than $7.3 million for the recount effort in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania from about 161,000 donors, according to her campaign. 

The costs related to her recount efforts are estimated to be about $7.4 million, but some of the costs for compliance and ongoing litigation could be revised downward from initial estimates, her campaign said Tuesday.


And the campaign is expecting to get some money back from its filing fee in Michigan, where the state’s recount effort ended after a decision by the Michigan Supreme Court.

If there is a surplus, the campaign said Tuesday that it will ask its donors how they want to spend the remaining funds.

Stein’s campaign has vowed to allocate the money for “non-partisan election reform and voting rights organizations.” In the coming weeks, the campaign plans to release a list of potential sites and put the organizations to a vote.

Money raised into a recount account can be used only for that effort based on federal campaign finance guidelines. If there is any left over, Stein’s campaign is required to either issue a refund to its donors or ask if the money can be used for another cause.

“Throughout this whole process — from before fundraising began until now — our campaign has been fully transparent about our intention to demand recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan — and the costs associated with doing so, even as those costs have changed as a result of states’ demands,” said David Cobb, Stein’s campaign manager, in a statement.

“It’s regrettable that states, especially Wisconsin, dramatically increased the costs of what should have been a routine democratic process. But the people of this country were not deterred. And just as we have for decades, the Green Party will continue to be a voice for all Americans — whether on the streets, in the courthouse or at the ballot box.”  

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