Rumor Has It WWE May Make Roster Cuts In Near Future

Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Live on Friday speculated that the WWE may cull  the roster for the sake of staying profitable in the future. 
Here’s what Alvarez had to say:
I don’t wanna scare anybody. I don’t have any inside information I expect there will be some based on the earnings report that just came out. I mean, things were good but here’s what people have to realize about the earnings report: the numbers were better because of a bunch of cuts [WWE has] been doing. So I don’t expect cuts to slow down I mean especially since some of their projections for the upcoming quarter are lower than their projections for this quarter.

So I think there are going to be some cuts but I don’t know for sure.
There are also conflicting rumors of another Superstar Shakeup on the horizon with some WWE Superstars on the main roster who won’t get a push at the top level being sent down to NXT to help get over developmental prospects. Some speculate their will be another roster shakeup after SummerSlam, while others say nothing is intended until next year. 
Stay tuned for updates here on on which superstars are headed where in the near future. 

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